Two Nights of the Multitalented Lindsey Stirling This Week

June 16th, 2014

Lindsey Stirling is a busy woman with a wide range of musical interests. She’s a violinist, a composer, a dancer and a performance artist. And thanks to her love of EDM, classical music, dubstep and hip-hop, she’s got a unique sound all her own. People had already begun to hear of Stirling (above, performing “Shatter Me” live at the Kennedy Center), thanks to YouTube and America’s Got Talent before her self-titled debut album (stream it below) arrived in 2012. AllMusic notes that it “carves out a unique new niche in the classical-crossover genre.” But things have really taken off for Stirling with the release of her second album, Shatter Me (stream it below), earlier this year. AllMusic says it “offers up a spirited set of high-octane classical-crossover confections that occupy the barbed wire and flower petal–strewn middle ground between Evanescence, Riverdance, Skrillex and Narnia” and that “she delivers the heat with all of the fire, fury and mad, pixie-ish sweetness that drew millions of people to her Linseystomp YouTube channel.” Now out on the road in support of her new LP, she’s playing bigger rooms, which means you can see her on Wednesday night at Terminal 5 and then on Saturday at the Space at WestburyAJR, three New York City brothers, open both shows.