Get Psychedelic with Goat Tomorrow Night at Webster Hall

June 17th, 2014

The mysterious psychedelic collective Goat hail from Middle-of-Nowhere Sweden, and according to the Guardian, they mash together “funk and tribal rhythms, kraut and prog-rock repetition/extrapolation, psych freakery and astral/acid folkisms…. It’s a superjam involving Faust, Funkadelic, Fairport Convention and Fela Kuti.” Their lone full-length, World Music (stream it below), came out in 2012 to some considerable acclaim. According to BBC Music, upon listening to the album, you’ll find “that being a casual bystander simply isn’t an option: It’s all too captivating, too delirious and too gosh-darn wonderful for you not to join the fray. So surrender your mind, body and soul to the Goat and one of the year’s best albums so far.” Of course it’s worth mentioning that Goat are not just about their recorded material. In fact, their relentless performances—or “live rituals,” as they call them—are more like psychedelic costume parties, masks and all. And fresh off Bonnaroo, Goat play Webster Hall tomorrow night. Austin, Texas, garage-psych five-piece Holy Wave open the show.