Tigers Jaw Still Matter

June 19th, 2014

Tigers Jaw – Music Hall of Williamsburg – June 18, 2014

Tigers Jaw – Music Hall of Williamsburg – June 18, 2014Last summer there was a collective freak-out in the emo and pop-punk-revival scene when word quickly spread of the imminent breakup of scene darlings Tigers Jaw. The Scranton, Pa., band eventually quelled those unfounded rumors by announcing a second full-length and eventually more touring. And last night they put on an excellent set for a rambunctious crowd at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Led by Brianna Collins and Ben Walsh, the remaining core from the original lineup, the five-piece’s hour-long set celebrated the arrival of summer for the young crowd as much as it was a “welcome back” of sorts for the group.

The happy atmosphere was well justified: Collins and Walsh’s harmonies superbly blended together, as did her synth with his lead guitar—which was supported by another guitarist, Jake Woodruff. People rushed the stage, surfed the crowd and dove from the stage from the outset, when the band kicked off their performance with “The Sun,” the sing-and-shout-along opening track from their revered 2008 self-titled album.

Amidst all that clatter, things were so messy that by the second song one fan’s iPhone-lit search for his lost glasses turned up multiple pairs, only to discover that none of them were his. A few songs later he ended the search and continued hopping around, a smile on his face as he sang along. While it undoubtedly would’ve been a big loss had Tigers Jaw actually called it quits, last night proved that they’ll have a hold on their little corner the scene for as long as they please. —Sean O’Kane

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