Come Dancing at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday

July 11th, 2014

Notable indie record label Cascine is putting on a three-city tour that comes to New York City, specifically Brooklyn—at Music Hall of Williamsburg tomorrow night. Three of their artists, Chad Valley, Lemonade and Yumi Zouma are hitting the road alongside bands from other likeminded labels. He may be from Texas, but the music experimental-electronic producer Jeff McIlwain’s makes as Lusine calls to mind early ’90s UK intelligent dance music. Stream his most recent album, The Waiting Room, below.

Callan Clendenin, Ben Steidel and Alex Pasternak started the True Panther Sounds band Lemonade in San Francisco before relocating to Brooklyn. But, fortunately, the move hasn’t affected their unique mashup of post-rock and dance music. For proof of that, check out Diver (below).

Hugo Manuel plays well with others, but he also does exceptionally well on his own, crafting R&B-tinged electro pop as Chad Valley, like on his debut full-length, Young Hunger (stream it below).

Liz Wendelbo and Sean McBride teamed up to form the minimal-electronics duo Xeno & Oaklander a decade ago. They record live in their studio using analog synths and instruments, and the pair have refined their live sound have touring the world. And they just released Par Avion (stream it below) on Ghostly International.