Get a Taste of Japanese Hip-Hop on Saturday Night

July 11th, 2014

Hideaki Ishi was born in Tokyo in 1962. He discovered hip-hop upon seeing Wild Style in the early ’80s. The next day he decided to become a DJ and—under the name DJ Krush—he became one of the pioneers of Japanese hip-hop. He formed the group Krush Posse in 1987 and then went solo when they disbanded in 1992. Soon enough, he earned his reputation as an artist, producer and turntablist on the international club scene, and he’s put out 12 albums since ’94, often dabbling in ambient music and trip-hop. DJ Krush continues to work as a producer, remixer and DJ, and he does plenty of music for TV shows, movies and commercials. But you can appreciate his multiple talents in person when he plays The Bowery Ballroom on Saturday.