Braid Return with New Music Tomorrow Night at Music Hall

July 25th, 2014

Braid began making music two decades ago in Champaign, Ill., when emo and hardcore weren’t mutually exclusive genres. They’ve had a bit of a start-and-stop career ever since, forming in 1993 only to break up six years—and three albums—later due to the constant headaches involved in nonstop recording and touring. The four-piece briefly reunited in the summer of 2004, but members still went their separate ways afterward, albeit amicably. That’s where this story would have ended except Braid (above, their video for “Bang”) decided to get the band back together, literally, in 2011. And now, 16 years since the release of their last full-length album of original material, Bob Nanna (vocals and guitar), Damon Atkinson (drums), Todd Bell (bass) and Chris Broach (guitar and vocals) recently put out No Coast (stream it below). The A.V. Club says, “With No Coast, Braid proves its 16-year wait was worth it,” further adding that the LP “works because the band doesn’t attempt to turn back the clock, instead acknowledging just how much time has passed both through its lyrics and its matured musical approach.” And perhaps even better, you can see Braid perform live tomorrow night at Music Hall of Williamsburg. A Great Big Pile of Leaves and Marietta open the show.