Cherry Glazerr Play the Late Show Tonight at Mercury Lounge

July 31st, 2014

While still in high school, singer-songwriter and guitarist Clementine Creevy began
making music at home. But her solo bedroom project blossomed into something bigger, Cherry Glazerr, with the addition of drummer Hannah Uribe, bassist Sean Redman and vocalist Sophia Muller (who’s since departed the group). Their name is an homage to KCRW anchor Chery Glaser, and the L.A. trio’s sound mines the Venn diagram overlap of lo-fi noise pop, dreamy shoegaze and garage punk. They broke into mainstream consciousness when “Trick or Treat Dancefloor” was featured in an Yves Saint Laurent ad campaign prior to the release of their debut studio full-length, Haxel Princess (stream it below), this past January. Per AllMusic, “The group never plays two notes where one will do, they only rarely boost the tempo above a creepy crawl, and Creevy has a wonderfully bored way of singing where she sounds like she’s idly passing by a mike as she nonchalantly tells tales of heroic pet dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and used Band-Aids.” Furthermore, the album is “worth checking out if you like your guitar pop delivered in a decidedly off-kilter fashion.” See Cherry Glazerr (above, performing “Grilled Cheese” live for Jam in the Van) play the late show tonight at Mercury Lounge. Arrive early enough to catch the surf-punk quartet Gymshorts.