Frontier Ruckus Play Two Local Shows This Week

August 18th, 2014

While in high school outside Detroit, singer-songwriter Matthew Milia and banjo player David Jones formed Frontier Ruckus, focusing on a mishmash of bluegrass, country, folk and rock. The band blossomed into a six-piece while the two were in college, and they went on to release a pair of well-received albums, The Orion Songbook (stream it below) in 2008 and Deadmalls and Nightfalls (stream it below) in 2010, before paring down to a four-piece, now with multi-instrumentalist Zach Nichols and vocalist Anna Burch, for last year’s terrific double album, their third LP, Eternity of Dimming (stream it below), which Allmusic calls “a beautiful, nostalgic (in the best meaning of the word) hymn to time and place, a long suite of songs that falls together like a wonderful quilt of memories.” Frontier Ruckus (above, performing “Thermostat” for do317 Lounge Sessions) have a new full-length, Sitcom Afterlife, arriving in November, but they’re already out on the road now. And you’ve got two shots to see them this week: tomorrow at Mercury Lounge and on Wednesday at Rough Trade NYC.