A Garage Rock Double Bill with Total Slacker and Paws

September 3rd, 2014

Total Slacker’s roots began with a chance meeting between Tucker Rountree (vocals and guitar) and Emily Oppenheimer (bass and vocals) in a New York City Laundromat. The duo eventually became a trio with Terence Connor on drums, and after their ’90s-nostalgia-laden debut full-length Thrashin’ (stream it below) came out in 2011, Total Slacker (above, performing “Keep the Ships at Bay” and “Out of Body Experience” for Newtown Radio) earned the reputation of high-energy road warriors, playing hundreds of shows a year. Following Connor’s tragic hit-and-run death two years ago, Rountree and Oppenheimer added David Anthony (guitar) and Zoë Brecher (drums) to the mix. The garage-rock quartet released their second LP, Slip Away (stream it below), this past winter.

Phillip Taylor (vocals and guitar), Matt Scott (bass) and Josh Swinney (drums) formed Paws in Glasgow, Scotland, four years ago. And like Total Slacker, this garage-rock trio, mining plenty of ’90s influences, first became popular at home before touring relentlessly and releasing a pair of full-lengths, 2012’s Cokefloat! (stream it below) and this year’s subtler Youth Culture Forever (stream it below). And now Paws (above, doing “Let’s All Go Live” live in studio for KEXP FM) have teamed up with Total Slacker, and you can see both bands on Friday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg.