Papercuts Play the Early Show at Mercury Lounge on Saturday

September 4th, 2014

Jason Quever is a busy dude. He’s got a home studio in San Francisco and works as a singer, songwriter and producer. On top of that, he’s collaborated with all sorts of other musicians, including Cass McCombs, plus he fronts his own indie-pop musical collective, Papercuts. The band’s first album, the lush Mockingbird (stream it below), arrived in 2004. But it was Can’t Go Back (stream it below), released three years later, which put Papercuts (above, doing “Future Primitive” live in studio for KEXP FM) on the map. Pitchfork approved: “West Coast to the core, it’s music for the journey, not for the arrival, the soundtrack to getting somewhere else rather than music to get lost to. Or maybe both.” Their most recent full-length, Life Among the Savages (stream it below), came out this past May. And again, critics, were impressed. Per PopMatters, “Jason Quever’s Papercuts has crafted a near-perfect collection of contemporary baroque pop ruminations on the modern condition, one of isolation, sadness and an affectation that requires us to present an outward façade not generally indicative of the emotional turmoil raging within.” And you can see Papercuts live on Saturday night at Mercury Lounge.