Sir Sly and Wolf Gang Play Stage 48 Tomorrow Night

September 9th, 2014

Singer-guitarist Landon Jacobs, drummer Hayden Coplen and keyboardist Jason Suwito began making moody, ambient electronic rock together about two years ago without revealing much about themselves beyond their band’s name: Sir Sly. But things amped up for them considerably in 2013 when a pair of singles, “Ghost” and “Gold,” were featured in video games, commercials and the influential blog Hype Machine. Last year the Guardian, in naming them the new band of the week, proclaimed, “Hugeness awaits this L.A. trio.” Next week, Sir Sly (above, performing “Easy Now” for 97X FM in San Diego) put out their self-produced debut full-length, the highly anticipated You Haunt Me. And the band is already out on the road, touring with Wolf Gang.

Going on five years now, the lads in London’s Wolf Gang—singer and multi-instrumentalist Max McElligot, drummer Lasse Petersen, guitarist-keyboardist Gavin Slater and bassist James Wood—have been mashing together the swirling sounds of symphonic rock with subtler electro pop. Their first LP, really a McElligot solo album, Suego Faults (stream it below), came out in 2011. Since then, Wolf Gang (above, doing an acoustic version of “Ghost in My Life” for Radio BDC) have toured with the likes of Coldplay and the Killers, plus, like Sir Sly, they’ve also been named new band of the day by the Guardian and have had tunes featured in commercials and on TV. Earlier this year, the quartet put out new music, releasing an EP, Black River (stream it below). See Wolf Gang and Sir Sly tomorrow night at Stage 48. (This show has been changed to 16 and over.)