Bear in Heaven Stay Local for a Pair of Hometown Shows

September 15th, 2014

Back in 1998, when he was still living in Atlanta, Jon Philpot began making music in a recording studio. A move to Brooklyn a few years later didn’t prevent the singer-songwriter from continuing his project. In fact as more people he knew from Atlanta and its surrounding areas also made the move to Kings County, Philpot had more musicians to record and perform with as Bear in Heaven (above, doing “You Do You”). Red Bloom of the Boom (stream it below) came first, in 2007, with a prog-rock sound. The band, now a trio with Philipot on vocals, guitar and keys, Jason Nazary on drums and Adam Wills on bass, released their fourth album, Time Is Over One Day Old (stream it below), last month. Spin says, “This Brooklyn trio thrives in that sweet spot between poppy and freaky, accessible and alien: Call it Top 40 on Uranus.” And furthermore: “Featuring 10 tracks of gooey, dislocated goodness, its gravity-free atmospherics are just right for soundtracking summer moon treks, intergalactic windsurfing and asteroid volleyball. Down to earth it is not: These deep but compact space jams can’t get much higher.” And before they cross the Atlantic for a European tour, Bear in Heaven play a pair of hometown shows tomorrow night at The Bowery Ballroom and Wednesday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg.