La Roux Brings New Music to Terminal 5 Tomorrow Night

October 3rd, 2014

English Singer-songwriter Elly Jackson’s synth-pop act La Roux began when she was introduced to producer-keyboardist Ben Langmaid in 2006. Their self-titled debut (stream it below) arrived in 2009 to nearly universal acclaim. “A childhood spent listening to folk and rock and roll can be heard in the simultaneous appreciation of songcraft and rejection of traditionalism that is evidenced by the ferocious pace of the opening quartet of cut-glass chart-toppers,” said NME before declaring it “a nigh-on flawless album.” Eventually Jackson and Langmaid parted ways, but La Roux undoubtedly continues. Her follow-up album, Trouble in Paradise (stream it below), came out this past July—and despite the time off between releases, critics were again impressed. The Guardian said, “The end result was well worth the wait” and “Almost sickeningly overburdened with fantastic tunes, Trouble in Paradise may well be not just a triumph against the odds, but the best pop album we’ll hear this year.” Discover how it all sounds live when La Roux (above, performing “In for the Kill”) plays Terminal 5 tomorrow night.