The Airborne Toxic Event’s Group Effort at Terminal 5

October 8th, 2014

The Airborne Toxic Event – Terminal 5 – October 7, 2014

The Airborne Toxic Event – Terminal 5 – October 7, 2014
I’ve always thought of the Airborne Toxic Event as a band that’s been around far longer than they have. Because there’s something about them that screams comfort and confidence on a big stage like Terminal 5, something that usually only comes from a seasoned band with lots of experience. Although they only formed in 2008, last night the five-piece put on a show with the aplomb of an act that’s been around twice as long.

The Airborne Toxic Event crammed a career’s worth of songs into the show, and even from up close the full-page set list looked like it was written in 12-point font. A feathery 20-foot avian sculpture adorned the stage and provided the production an ethereal quality— drummer Daren Taylor practically looked like he could take flight—as they crisscrossed back and forth among songs from their self-titled debut, 2011’s All at Once and 2013’s Such Hot Blood. Lead singer Mikel Jollett never seemed happy in one place, taking each chance he could to leave his microphone to wail on his guitar or tease the crowd. Within the first half hour of the set, he was hanging from the facade of Terminal 5’s second floor and joking with the crowd he was singing and dangling above.

Anna Bulbrook was lively, too, as she took turns doubling up the vocals, ripping on her violin and tapping away at her keyboard. Guitarist Steven Chen and bassist Adrian Rodriguez put on a show of their own on the opposite side of the stage as they shredded their way through their parts of every song. It was the kind of group effort you expect from a band with decade-spanning experience, and it hopefully means that the Airborne Toxic Event will be around for that long … or more. —Sean O’Kane

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