With a Brand New Album, Iceage Play The Bowery Ballroom

October 10th, 2014

Childhood friends Elias Bender Rønnenfelt (vocals and guitar), Dan Kjær Nielsen (drums), Jakob Tvilling Pless (bass) and Johan Surrballe Wieth (guitar) formed the punk band Iceage six years ago in Copenhagen while still in their teens. And with the release of their debut LP, New Brigade (stream it below), in 2011, the precocious band introduced themselves to the world, receiving plenty of acclaim in return. The A.V. Club rang in on the subject: “Iceage’s stunning debut, New Brigade, slaps vibrant new life into the worked-over corpse of post-punk, radiating a breathless, desperate, ramshackle charm that runs counter to the frigid gloom of the music.” Critics (and fans alike) were also impressed with the quartet’s second full-length, You’re Nothing (stream it below), which followed two years later. In a glowing review, NME declared, “If you were told an album had been recorded at a farmhouse on the Danish island of Møn, you’d expect an album of pastoral lovelorn twee wallowing. Not something as exhilarating and violent as being punched in the face mid-fuck.” Iceage (above, performing “Burning Hand”) just put out their third LP, Plowing Into the Field of Love (stream it below), this week, earning the “Best New Music” tag from Pitchfork: “A sense of steadiness, a measured approach to abandon, marks Iceage’s transformation from a very good band to a Great Band on Plowing.” See them play The Bowery Ballroom on Sunday night.