Best Experienced Live, Fat White Family Play The Bowery Ballroom

October 17th, 2014

Following the dissolution of two other bands, Fat White Family—Lias Saudi (vocals), Saul Adamczewski (guitar and vocals), Adam Harmer (guitar), Dan Lyons (drums), Joseph Pancucci (bass) and Nathan Saudi (organ)—formed in South London in 2011, combining rock, blues and bits of country. Noisey has declared, “They’re British rock and roll’s final hurrah—not just a fuck you to everything that has become sanitized but a reminder that rock and roll can, even as the last embers fade, continue to mean something beyond an NME cover.” Speaking of which, NME calls them “the best new band in London.” The weekly publication also has kind words for the wildly entertaining six-piece’s debut full-length, Champagne Holocaust (stream it below), labeling it “a fantastic racket” and “political, satirical and downright perverse.” But make no mistake, Fat White Family (above, doing “Is It Raining in Your Mouth” at this year’s Glastonbury) are a band best experienced live, which works out great because not only are they currently touring North America, but you can also see them tomorrow night at The Bowery Ballroom. Comic book artist and local rocker Jeffrey Lewis opens the show.