Two Nights of Foster the People at United Palace This Weekend

October 22nd, 2014

Mark Foster (vocals, keys and guitar) had spent time in L.A. working on commercial jingles before he teamed up with Cubbie Fink (bass) and Mark Pontius (drums) to form Foster the People in 2009. A year later the trio found success when upon posting “Pumped Up Kicks” to their site it became an online sensation—and then a smash hit across the globe—which ultimately led to festival slots and eventually getting a record deal with the Columbia Records imprint Startime International. Their first full-length, Torches (stream it below), followed in 2011. BBC Music called it “a debut of MGMT-like magic to leave you pumped up for more.” Foster the People (above, performing “Best Friend” at this years’s Glastonbury) returned earlier this year with their follow-up LP, Supermodel (stream it below). According to PopMatters, it’s “a quantum leap forward.” And furthermore, the album “is a massive surprise. It is also achingly, devastatingly beautiful…. Forward isn’t always better. But for Foster the People, on Supermodel, it was the right direction.” The band’s world tour hits New York City this weekend for a pair of weekend shows at United Palace on Friday and Saturday. French singer-songwriter Soko opens both nights.