Streets of Laredo Play the Late Show Tonight at Mercury Lounge

October 29th, 2014

The sprawling seven-piece band Streets of Laredo began as a family affair when brothers Daniel (vocals and acoustic guitar) and David Gibson (drums and vocals) teamed up to write songs together in the vein of the ’70s folk revival, equal parts jangly psychedelic and twangy storytelling. Soon after, David’s wife, Sarahjane (percussion and vocals), turned the duo into a trio and they played one hometown show in Auckland, New Zealand. It went so well that the three Gibsons made a big leap, moving from the land of Kiwis to the land of hipsters—Bushwick in Brooklyn—“just over two years ago with nothing more than a floor tom, an acoustic guitar and a harmonica.” And then things really began to take off as Streets of Laredo (above, performing “Hey Rose” in studio for KCSB FM) blossomed into a septet with the addition of New Zealand native Tom Darlow (electric guitar), Andrew McGovern (trumpet), Sean McMahon (bass and vocals) and Si Moore (electric guitar and production). Their debut full-length, Volume I & II (stream it below), came out in the U.S. earlier this month. Broadway World calls it “a sing-a-long collision of jangling harmonies, stomping percussion, horns and guitars.” Streets of Laredo play the late show tonight at Mercury Lounge. Arrive early to catch L.A. five-piece Line & Circle.