Three Nights of Lucero at The Bowery Ballroom This Week

November 3rd, 2014

Despite their deep catalog of recorded material, Lucero have been most known for their raucous live shows since they began playing them in the late ’90s—road warriors leaving it all onstage every night. There’s a good reason for that: On performing live, bassist and band founder John C. Stubblefield told The House List that “it makes the moment much more transcendent when everyone in the room is on the same wavelength. We don’t make set lists. And we definitely feed off the crowd. We actually listen to the crowd. They might shout out something we haven’t played in three years. And it’s like, ‘All right, let’s give it a try.’” Their music—Ben Nichols’ evocative, whiskey-soaked vocals intertwined with rock, punk, country and boogie, all laid over Stax-style horns—is on full display in the band’s most recent release, the excellent double live album, Live from Atlanta (stream it below). Per Paste: “If the purpose of a live album is to make you wish you were at the show, Lucero’s Live from Atlanta certainly succeeds. It’s the Memphis band’s first live record, and a 32-track opus of one, at that. It’s like their own The Last Waltz, without the whole farewell concert shadow, because Lucero seem like a tireless act.” Lucero (above, doing “I’ll Just Fall,” from Live from Atlanta) are out on the road now with their By the Seat of Our Pants tour, which brings them to The Bowery Ballroom tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday.