With a New Album Avi Buffalo Play Mercury Lounge Tomorrow

November 5th, 2014

Avi Zahner-Isenberg (vocals and guitar) was still just in high school when he began writing original songs at home. Not even a year later, he’d teamed up with Rebecca Coleman (keys), Arin Fazio (bass) and Sheridan Riley (drums) to form Avi Buffalo. Their first album, a self-titled affair (stream it below), arrived in 2010. AllMusic noted the frontman’s “wiry falsetto and inherent knack for pairing pop hooks with handclaps” and suggested the LP “may be quirky, but it’s a little sinister too, boasting a heavy dose of arty melancholy and subversive, faux-twee indie pop.” The Long Beach, Calif., four-piece toured the country and Europe in support of Avi Buffalo and afterward, Zahner-Isenberg decided the band should take a break. During that time, he produced tracks for friends before eventually beginning to work on new Avi Buffalo tunes. When that finally happened, the band’s lineup changed with Doug Brown (bass) and Anthony Vezirian (keys) joining the frontman and Riley. Their second full-length album, At Best Cuckold (stream it below), came out this past September. NME proclaimed, “The Californian eccentric’s second album is full of glorious madness” in a glowing review. And they “have returned with an album that skirts close to perfection in its 35 minutes of glorious madness and transcendent, George Harrison–like guitar solos. Welcome Avi Buffalo back into your life now.” In fact, you can welcome them in person when they play Mercury Lounge tomorrow night.