Don’t Miss Cold Specks and Her Big Voice Tomorrow Night

November 6th, 2014

It begins with her big, evocative voice. It’s devastatingly huge. (Pitchfork calls it: “Rough-edged and dark but still velvety, with fluid hints of gospel.”) And even when Cold Specks (above, doing “Bodies at Bay” on Later … with Jools Holland) shows restraint, you get the sense that her voice could blow the roof off wherever she’s standing, should she choose to do so. Fortunately, she doesn’t. Instead she focuses it on what she calls “doom soul,” a mix of Southern Gothic, traditional folk and American soul, which is slightly ironic as singer-songwriter Al Spx is actually Canadian. But no matter, because her music speaks for itself: I Predict a Graceful Expulsion (stream it below), out in 2012, and its follow-up, Neuroplasticity (stream it below), released this past August. PopMatters declares, “While the disc has many different stylistic tones, and is a bit all over the map, it still hangs together remarkably well. Imagine Tune-Yards without the dance beats, and the overall picture of Cold Specks’ sound emerges, though her music is certainly darker…. There’s a real sense of adventure here, and it is fun to be swept away and carried along by the tide of Spx’s smooth voice and audacious songwriting.” Get swept away in person tomorrow night at Rough Trade NYC.