New Album Brings Electric Youth to Music Hall of Williamsburg

November 11th, 2014

Childhood sweethearts Austin Garrick (multi-instrumentalist and producer) and Bronwyn Griffin (vocalist) met when they were in sixth grade. They began dating two years later and eventually formed Electric Youth in 2009. The synth-pop duo teamed up with the French electronic musician College on the single “A Real Hero,” at least in part about Captain Sully Sullenberger. Its inclusion on the Drive soundtrack in 2011 earned Electric Youth (above, performing “A Real Hero” for Secretly Canadian Live Sessions) some acclaim, and Rolling Stone dubbed the tune “pretty much the greatest closing-credits song in modern history.” After putting out several more singles, the Toronto twosome released their debut full-length, Innerworld (stream it below), six weeks ago. Per PopMatters, “The cool, dreamy Innerworld is a sweet and shiny synth-pop sparkler, lovingly crafted with refreshing sincerity and warmth. A loving spoonful antidote to much of 2014’s salacious ’n’ shameless pop. It’s revivalist yet box fresh, with not an ounce of knowing kitsch, arched cynicism or winking irony, which makes it all the more endearing.” Catch Electric Youth when they kick off their new tour tomorrow night at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Another electronic duo, Midnight Faces, opens the show.