The Kin Return Home to Headline Music Hall of Williamsburg

November 25th, 2014

Australian brothers (and vocalists) Isaac (keys) and Thorald Koren (guitar) had played with a number of other musicians before they teamed up with Buffalo’s bare-knuckle drummer Mark Nicosia, who goes by Shakerleg. Together, they’re the Kin, and the power trio has been known to stage musical robberies, by striding into a location—a deli, a bar, an airport—and shouting, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a musical robbery” before winning over the crowd with an original tune. “We’re looking to surprise people and give them a musical experience,” says Isaac. The Kin (above, performing “On the Rise” on Conan) have been touring behind last year’s debut EP, Get On It (stream it below), while readying a proper full-length. And they return home to headline Music Hall of Williamsbug tomorrow night. Soulful rocker Matt MacKelcan opens the show.