Up-and-Comer Your Old Droog Headlines Music Hall of Williamsburg

December 11th, 2014

Unaccompanied by any biographical information, the debut EP Your Old Droog arrived seemingly out of nowhere on SoundCloud this past spring, with a slow-building air of mystery following it. Who is this guy? No one knew—or if they did, they weren’t saying. People speculated, and thanks to raspy vocals and easy flow, many began to think it was Nas using an alias. But it turns out Your Old Droog is his own man. In August, he revealed himself to the New Yorker as a 25-year-old rapper from Coney Island. And in October, Rolling Stone, labeled Your Old Droog a New Artist You Need to Know, citing his “arch rhymes, brain-breaking puns and effortless delivery,” adding that he sounds like “chops-heavy, pun-soaked true school New York hip-hop made to break the rewind button on
your Walkman.” A self-titled LP (stream it below) arrived in November to some considerable acclaim. NPR gave it a glowing review: “The songs are short and sharp, and all the hoopla around Your Old Droog has turned out to be decidedly beside the point…. The way this album is constructed lets you watch a talent mature.” Your Old Droog (above, in the video for “Nutty Bars” and, below, freestyling) told RS that people “think they got me pegged, but they don’t know how I really get down.” Perhaps you can see how he gets down live when he plays a hometown show at Music Hall of Williamsburg tomorrow night. Spanish Harlem rapper Dave East opens the show.