Kick Off the Last Weekend of the Year with I Am the Avalanche

December 24th, 2014

Following the breakup of a band, the Movielife, and a relationship, Vinnie Caruana (vocals and guitar) formed the post-hardcore outfit I Am the Avalanche a decade ago. Their self-titled debut (stream it below) arrived in 2005. Absolute Punk declared, “If you’re a fan of passionate vocals mixed with rocking guitars, this is also for you. I Am the Avalanche have the potential to be better than the Movielife and go places that Vinnie’s former band never went. Vinnie Caruana is back, and I couldn’t be any more excited.” The Brooklyn outfit—rounded out by Brandon “Aggro” Swanson (guitar), Brett “the Ratt” Romnes (drums) and John Oliva (bass)—put out their third full-length, Wolverines (stream it below), back in March. Billboard labeled it “an album with claws.” And Absolute Punk called the LP the band’s “most tight-knit and explosive set of songs yet…. Just like the three-eyed beast that graces the cover, Wolverines is a mean and lean punk rock record that sets the bar once again.” While I Am the Avalanche (above, performing “177” live for an official video) work on new songs throughout the winter, they won’t be playing live very much. But you’ve still got one more chance to see them, on Friday at The Bowery Ballroom for Swanson’s last performance with the band.