Two Nights of Bright Light Bright Light at Mercury Lounge

January 13th, 2015

Rod Thomas likes to get people moving. Born in Wales, but based in London, he’s a singer, songwriter, pianist, producer, DJ and performer—which he does as Bright Light Bright Light. His dance-inducing mix of disco, synth pop and house music has secured him touring spots with the likes of Scissor Sisters, Erasure and, most recently, Elton John. That last pairing was sparked by the two working together on a track from Thomas’s second full-length, last year’s Life Is Easy (stream it below). John says, “He makes the music I’d like to make but don’t know how to, so when he asked me whether I would consider singing on his new record, ‘I Wish We Were Leaving,’ I said I’d love to.” Find out just why the Rocket Man couldn’t say no when Bright Light Bright Light (above, in the video for “I Believe”) plays Mercury Lounge tonight and tomorrow.