Datsik Brings the Party to Terminal 5 on Saturday Night

January 22nd, 2015

For a musician with a last name like Beetles, it probably makes sense to choose something else: Troy Beetles has been working as producer and DJ as Datsik (his Xbox Live gamertag) since 2007. Mining dubstep, drum and bass, trap and house music, he put out his highly anticipated, crowd-pleasing debut full-length, Vitamin D (stream it below), in 2012, on Steve Aoki’s label, Dim Mak. Let It Burn (stream it below), his follow-up LP, arrived a year later. And while Datsik is most known for his association with dubstep, he’s not afraid to branch away from that. “I want to write a few timeless pieces that people will be listening to in the future. Sounds come and go, but I definitely wanna get a couple of those really cool tracks in there. I also wanna try and merge a few different ideas and genres together,” he told Beatport. But one thing he definitely will do is bring his shake-your-body, bass-heavy music to Terminal 5 on Saturday night.