Don’t Miss Marilyn Manson on Monday Night at Terminal 5

January 23rd, 2015

Going on 20 years now, Brian Warner—doing business as Marilyn Manson (above, his video for “Cupid Carries a Gun”)—has been known for shocking antics both onstage and off. But with the release of his ninth studio album, The Pale Emperor (stream it below), earlier this week, he’s being singled out for his music, earning some of the best reviews of his career. Per Rolling Stone, “Marilyn Manson hones his dark magic for his best, most twisted alt-rock party in years.” And AllMusic declares that “Manson and company sound like they’re stepping away completely from the caricature of themselves that started looming on the band’s weakest mid-2000s material. Taking their sound in a new, unforeseen bluesy direction accomplishes the near impossible by making Marilyn Manson sound even more sinister than before.” Catch Marilyn Manson on Monday night at Terminal 5. Brooklyn metal trio Unlocking the Truth open the show.