Hinds Bring the Fun to the Late Show at Mercury Lounge Tomorrow

March 30th, 2015

A few years ago, Carlotta Cosials (vocals and guitar) and Ana Perrote (vocals and guitar) teamed up to make music in Madrid. And after posting two songs to their Bandcamp, publications and other musicians began to take notice in 2014. So the duo became a quartet with the addition of Ade Martin (bass) and Amber Grimbergen (drums), under the name Deers. But due to recent legal pressure from a similarly named Canadian band, the Spanish group has become Hinds (the plural form of another word for a female deer). Inspired by the likes of Ty Segall and Black Lips, Hinds (above, performing “Bamboo” live for 3FM) are party starters, always looking for a good time. “We want to play the music that we enjoy listening to,” Cosials tells NME. “When we try to write a sad song we always have it going well for a bit, but then someone will come into the room and we’ll all start jumping around until it turns into a happy song. We can’t help it!” Thanks to their raucous live shows, the lo-fi garage-rock Spanish four-piece won over American fans with a very busy SXSW followed by a trip up and down the California coast. And now Hinds are coming to New York City to play the late show at Mercury Lounge tomorrow night.