Avan Lava Headline The Bowery Ballroom Tomorrow Night

April 2nd, 2015

Several years ago, while performing with Fischerspooner in Brazil, producers and multi-instrumentalists Le Chev and Ian Pai bonded over their shared love of Daft Punk, electronic music, Prince and R&B. And when the two later met singer TC Milan in New York City a few months later, they knew they were on their way to launching the theatrically vibrant indie dance group Avan Lava. The Brooklyn trio “is a movement without the self- aggrandizing rhetoric, a distillation of what is important, a celebration of everything that has ever happened to you and everything that ever will.” Their brand new EP, Leave It All Behind (stream it below), filled with the kind of music that gets people moving, just came out on Tuesday, and Avan Lava (above, doing “It’s Never Over” live in New York City) celebrate its release by headlining The Bowery Ballroom tomorrow night. Jersey rapper Cakes da Killa opens the show.