Jessie Ware Doesn’t Hold Back at Terminal 5

April 2nd, 2015

Jessie Ware – Terminal 5 – April 2, 2015

Jessie Ware – Terminal 5 – April 2, 2015
“Mazel tov!” shouted Jessie Ware to the man and woman—who had just gotten engaged in front of the sold-out Terminal 5 crowd—she invited onstage last night. Yes, it should come as no surprise that the artist who has penned dozens of lovelorn, yearning pop songs (and was recently married herself) is a romantic at heart, beaming at the newly betrothed couple before serenading us with “You & I (Forever),” a perfectly fitting song for the moment. “That was so much better than my husband’s proposal,” joked Ware.

The surprise engagement was one of the night’s many high points, as Ware performed songs from her new album, Tough Love, and from 2012’s Devotion, opening the show with “Running,” a sleek, Sade-esque number punctuated by understated flashing lights. “Champagne Kisses,” a new song as light and bubbly as the titular beverage, and tunes like “Kind of … Sometimes … Maybe” and “Sweetest Song” kept the mood bright and dreamy, while others, like “Tough Love” and “Wildest Moments,” carried more emotional heft, with Ware abandoning the cool and collected restraint displayed on the previous songs for a more raw, direct approach.

The London singer-songwriter closed the show with “Say You Love Me,” a powerful number that manages to stand out in a catalog full of songs about love and all of its complexities. Without holding back on the emotion or the vocal delivery, Ware belted out the tune’s velvety melody, enlisting the crowd to join in and sing along, a nice show of solidarity for the joys and agonies of love. —Alena Kastin | @AlenaK

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