Water Liars Play the Late Show Tomorrow at Mercury Lounge

April 30th, 2015

When singer-songwriter and guitarist Justin Kinkel-Schuster and drummer and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bryant’s former band broke up in St. Louis, the two hightailed it to Pittsboro, Miss., and started a new one, Water Liars. Their debut full-length, Phantom Limb (stream it below), arrived in 2012. Filled with “bare-bones guitar and boot-stomping drum instrumentation along with Kinkel-Schuster’s weary vocals (backed by Bryant) and found sounds like wind blowing and faulty speakers buzzing, the album evokes late, lonely nights and meaningful mementos left behind,” according to AllMusic. A follow-up, Wyoming (stream it below), came out a year later to acclaim from the New York Times: “This duo’s dark, lonely, roots-minded indie rock is affecting, all the more for its sparseness.” After a tour in support of the album, Water Liars (above, doing “Swannanoa” for Audiotree TV) became a trio with the addition of bassist GR Robinson, and they put out their third full-length, a self-titled affair (stream it below), last spring. The album “continues the band’s speedy progression into an increasingly sculpted and richly produced entity,” per AllMusic, “and hints at the possibility that they have a lot more to say and won’t be slowing down anytime in the near future.” The three-piece also isn’t slowing down when it comes to performing live, and you can see them do just that tomorrow at Mercury Lounge.