Great Lake Swimmers Bring New Music to Williamsburg Tonight

May 4th, 2015

The Toronto-based Great Lake Swimmers (above, performing “Zero in the City” for Q on CBC) have an acoustic, folk-rock sound that’s earned them favorable comparisons to After the Gold Rush–era Neil Young (a high compliment, indeed) since forming in 2002. The band—Tony Dekker (vocals and guitar), Erik Arnesen (guitar and banjo), Brett Higgins (bass), Miranda Mullholland (violin and vocals) and Joshua Van Tassel (drums)—just released their sixth studio album, the reverb- and echo-filled A Forest of Arms (stream it below), which was recorded in some Ontario caves. And PopMatters declared, “The soundscapes created by Toronto’s Great Lake Swimmers are nothing if not panoramic. The band’s music is writ on a large canvass, epic and grand, yet always tied to the earth…. In the end, the strength of A Forest of Arms becomes more apparent with each listen. A solid album with a number of beguiling songs and a lot of spirit, it’s the sound of a band well into their musical journey, with many more miles still to go.” See them live when they play Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight.