Matt Pond PA Celebrate an Anniversary at The Bowery Ballroom

May 14th, 2015

Matt Pond (vocals and guitar) originally formed Matt Pond PA as an orchestral-pop group back in 1998. The lineup has changed over the years—and even the sound has, too—but the frontman has remained at the center of things. Currently rounded out by Shawn Alpay (cello), Chris Hansen (guitar) and Tierney Tough (bass), Matt Pond PA (above, performing “So Much Trouble” for KEXP FM) are simultaneously taking a look forward and backward. Their eleventh full-length, State of Gold, is due out next month, but the band is taking time now to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the release of Several Arrows Later (stream it below). At the time, AllMusic opined that the Philadelphia band’s “fifth album in five years, is another strong, emotionally charged and melodically pleasing outing that just could be their best yet…. There aren’t many bands around that manage to create music as good as this out of such familiar and somewhat obvious sources. That the group is able to come up with an album as musically and emotionally satisfying as Several Arrows Later is like a dream come true.” Join in on the celebration when Matt Pond PA play The Bowery Ballroom tomorrow night. The Oxford, Miss., five-piece Young Buffalo open the show.