Catch the Rentals Tomorrow at Music Hall of Williamsburg

May 21st, 2015

Shortly after becoming one of the founding members of Weezer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matt Sharp formed another alternative-rock band, the Rentals, in 1994. Over the years, the lineup around him has changed, but Sharp remains the guiding force. Following the release of their second album, Seven More Minutes (stream it below), in 1999, the Rentals (above, in their video for “1000 Seasons”) went on a six-year hiatus. Afterward, Sharp and Co. put out several EPs, but last year—alongside Patrick Carney (drums), Lauren Chipman (viola), Holly Laessig (vocals), Ryen Slegr (guitar), Jess Wolfe (vocals)—the Rentals put out their third full-length album, Lost in Alphaville (stream it below). According to Paste magazine, the LP “retains that fuzzed-out exuberance characteristic to the golden era of indie rock, but little else. Most of its surface springs with major keys, up-tempos and earworms, with warm boy-girl harmonies cooing and coiling together over smiling pianos and power chords, but underneath smolders some ponderous rumblings of distortion and caustic ambient noises from that cathartically raked-over synthesizer, helmed by our auteur, Sharp, who’s at his most contemplative, and, at times, abstract, in lyrical fare here. It’s far from the slapped-together shambolic style of ’90s power-pop; no, this sounds much more arranged, almost like tightened chamber pop if it were clouded by the murk of shoegaze.” Earlier this month, the Rentals hit the road in support of the new album, and you can see them tomorrow night at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Rey Pila and Radiation City open the show.