Ivan & Alyosha Bring Brand New Music to Williamsburg Tonight

May 26th, 2015

Tim Wilson (vocals and guitar) and Ryan Carbary (guitar and vocals) originally teamed up as a duo in 2007, making feel-good folk music and taking the name Ivan & Alyosha from Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamzov. Since then, the band has become a quintet with the addition of Tim Kim (guitar and vocals), Cole Mauro (drums) and Pete Wilson (bass and vocals), and, according to NPR, their music is filled with “Beatles-esque harmonies and infectious guitar hooks.” And while they may hail from rain-soaked Seattle, their sunny California vocals shine through in their music. Their second LP, It’s All Just Pretend (stream it below), came out just three weeks ago, and it finds Ivan & Alyosha (above, doing “All This Wandering Around” live in a cabin north of Seattle) moving more toward a classic-rock sound. AllMusic calls the disc “infectious, warm and bright, offering positive but not airheaded guitar tunes for a melodic, feel-good fix.” Catch them tonight at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Seattle’s Kris Orlowski opens the show.