Purity Ring Dazzle with Two Sold-Out Shows on Saturday Night

June 1st, 2015

Purity Ring – Union Transfer – May 30, 2015

The genre witch house makes me think of angsty teens swaying in a graveyard. But outside the graveyard and inside Union Transfer on a warm Saturday night, the teens did more than sway: They stood, transfixed by Purity Ring, who captured their ears while an intense light display captured their eyes. It was worth coming early for the opener, Braids. Midway through their set, everyone around me was captivated by the music. I turned around to look at the crowd, and behind me, a girl who was crying. It was emotional. During the last song, “Miniskirt,” frontwoman Raphaelle Standell-Preston sang, “But in my position/ I’m the slut/ I’m the bitch.” In an audience that was mostly women, these kinds of painful, confessional lyrics connected.

And although there weren’t any tears during Purity Ring’s set, I did see two people ferociously making out halfway through the first song. They didn’t stop for the entire set and neither did the dazzling light show. The stage setup was really something: threads coming down from the ceiling and a hazy globe, much like the cover image of the band’s newest album, Another Eternity. The songs they played, including “Heartsigh,” got the kind of reception that’s to be expected from a band that sold out two shows in one night. Leaving the venue, a line snaked around the block for the late performance. Not to the graveyard, but to somewhere life-affirming, if only for a night. —Jared Levy | @Playtonic

(Purity Ring play Terminal 5 tomorrow night and again on Wednesday night.)