Close Out the Weekend with Crocodiles at Mercury Lounge

June 5th, 2015

After previous groups of theirs had broken up, childhood friends Brandon Welchez (vocals and guitar) and Charles Rowell (guitar) formed Crocodiles, a lo-fi, distortion-fueled noise-pop band based in San Diego, in 2008. The duo’s sound has been compared to Echo & the Bunnymen’s and that of a stripped-down version of the Jesus and Mary Chain’s. (Think sunny melodies and dirty feedback.) After putting out two albums, they decided to go with a bigger sound for the third, so the two added Robin Eisenberg (keys), Marco Gonzalez (bass) and Anna Schulte (drums). But Rowell and Welchez returned to their duo roots for their fourth full-length, the radio-ready Crimes of Passion (stream it below), out in 2013. AllMusic noted its “bubblegum snap of the production and the needle-sharp hooks of the songwriting. Crimes of Passion works on two levels then, both as an expression of the duo’s uneasy, uncompromising vision and as a catchy, easy-to-digest pop album.” Sticking with what works, Crocodiles (above, doing “Teardrop Guitar” in studio for KEXP FM) stuck to the two-man band for their latest release, the poppy Boys (stream it below), out last month. And again AllMusic rang in: “The entire album has the potential to reach new fans who like snappy, slightly scuffed-up pop songs, while still making those who need noise and dirt happy.” Wind down your weekend with Crocodiles at Mercury Lounge on Sunday night. Dirty Fences and Shark Week open the show.