Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld Tomorrow at The Bowery Ballroom

June 15th, 2015

Acclaimed saxophonist and composer Colin Stetson has toured with bands like Arcade Fire and Bon Iver, and he’s been making music on his own since 2008. Talented violinist Sarah Neufeld is a member of Bell Orchestre and has also done time with Arcade Fire. Stetson and Neufeld (above, their video for “The Rest of Us”) first began performing as a duo while touring together as soloists three years ago, playing a few songs together each night. The couple collaborated on a soundtrack, but this year they released their first full-length together, Never Were the Way She Was (stream it below). “Stetson and Neufeld position themselves outside the formal constraints of classical and jazz, but these musical traditions inform their work as much as any others,” according to PopMatters. “These two Constellation instrumentalists produced an organic work of seismic proportions, free of any sort of digital squeamishness…. What distinguishes this work with such limited personnel is the way both musicians explore the vast spatial capacities of their instruments. As with anything Stetson graces, his churning drones swallow you whole, but this time, he and Neufeld light a candle so you may discern the fine detail of your cavernous enclosure.” See them play The Bowery Ballroom tomorrow night. Ryan Sawyer opens the show. Doors are at 8, but there’s a preshow happy hour starting at 7 in the lower-level lounge.