Pins Headline the Early Show Tonight at Mercury Lounge

July 1st, 2015

Faith Vern (vocals and guitar), Anna Donigan (bass), Lois Macdonald (guitar) and Sophie Galpin (drums) formed Pins in Manchester, England, four years ago—Kyoko Swan (synths and guitar) has since joined the band. Their noisy guitar pop and take-no-prisoners live shows immediately drew comparisons to acts like Hole, My Bloody Valentine and the Jesus and Mary Chain. Pins’ debut full-length, Girls Like Us (stream it below), came out in 2013. According to Drowned in Sound, “What Pins do so well is to take disparate strands of rock and roll, punk, post-punk and grunge, twist them viciously together into a multicoloured and roughly hewn tassel, then dance around to their own particular beat…. In successfully capturing this energy and the visceral thrill of their live shows, Pins have produced one of the most striking guitar debuts of 2013.” And just a few weeks ago, the band (above, doing “Young Girls” for WFUV FM) returned with their follow-up LP, Wild Nights (stream it below). It’s safe to say the folks at Stereogum were impressed: “They’re just a very good rock band making very good rock music, taking a familiar stew of influences and just nailing the fuck out of them. They’re not the sort of band you need to know about, necessarily. But if you’re getting dressed up and having a drink before going out for the night, or if you’re going out and driving fast on a sunny day, or if you’re looking for some cool shit to play in the background while you’re getting some work done, they’re the sort of band you want to know about.” Or if you’re going to Mercury Lounge tonight, where Pins, winding down their American tour, play alongside, Beverly and Kyoko.