Double Your Pleasure with Two Dispatch Shows at the Garden

July 8th, 2015

Chad “Stokes” Urmston (vocals, guitar, bass and percussion), Pete “Francis” Hemibold (vocals, bass and guitar) and Brad “Braddigan” Corrigan (vocals, drums, guitar and percussion) began making music together while still in college in Vermont. The jam friendly roots-rock trio Dispatch arrived on the scene in 1996 with the release of their
debut album, Silent Steeples (stream it below). Unlike the rest of their catalog, the LP mainly featured acoustic folk songs. But in the nearly 20 years since, Dispatch have put
out four more studio albums, including 2012’s well-regarded Circles Around the Sun (stream it below), four live albums, four DVDs and a pair of EPs. Somewhere along the way, they became “the biggest band nobody’s heard of,” according to Corrigan. When the group broke up in 2004, they played a farewell show in Boston that drew more than 100,000 fans from across the world. And when they reunited three years later to raise funds for Zimbabean humanitarian efforts by playing one show at Madison Square Garden, it blossomed into three sold-out shows despite not a lot of publicity behind them. Of course, something else the socially conscious group is known for is fun, high-energy performances. So when Dispatch play a pair of shows this weekend at Madison Square Garden—on Friday with Dr. Dog opening—and on Saturday with the John Butler Trio opening, which is just about sold out—billed as DISPATCH: HUNGER, to raise money to fight hunger in America, expect to have a good time.