A Thrilling Triple Bill Sells Out Rough Trade NYC

July 24th, 2015

Son Lux/Landlady/Olga Bell – Rough Trade NYC – July 23, 2015

Son Lux/Landlady/Olga Bell – Rough Trade NYC – July 23, 2015
Last night, Rough Trade NYC hosted one of the best bills of the week, with the trifecta of Son Lux, Landlady and Olga Bell drawing a sold-out crowd. Olga Bell, whose newest EP—Incitation—is due later this year, took the stage first and played a solo set filled with plucky lyrics and glitchy beats. Her impish, nimble voice trekked up and over her varied chaotic synth-scapes. Brooklyn retro-pop group Landlady, up next, possessed the charm of a barbershop quartet, and they’re profoundly sincere. Frontman Adam Schatz is a stranger to dull moments. His optimism bordered on brash, but it worked in his favor. There wasn’t a single lull in the band’s set, and big brass, jaunty guitar riffs and Schatz’s clever lyrics in songs like “Above My Ground,” “Maria” and “Dying Day” enchantingly swirled together.

Ryan Lott, Rafiq Bhatia and Ian Chang—who did double duty as the drummer for Landlady earlier in the night—took the stage and launched straight into a raucous rendition of “Change Is Everything,” from their newest album, Bones, Lott’s potent lyrics dancing atop frenzied percussion, dazzling keys and piercing guitar. The band invited several friends onstage to provide a brass section for “You Don’t Know Me.” Ryan reflected on their tour and said how happy they were to return to Brooklyn: “We’re all here in this moment. It might be a brief one, but it might be a very important one. It certainly feels that way to us.” Son Lux closed with a sprawling version of “Lost It to Trying,” complete with thunderous, syncopated clapping from the crowd. Their music is some of the most inventive, intimate stuff around these days. Hearing it live was nothing short of thrilling. —Schuyler Rooth | @SchuylerSpeak

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