Before Heading Overseas Houndstooth Play Rough Trade NYC

August 28th, 2015

Katie Bernstein (vocals) and John Gnorski (guitar) originally formed the Portland, Ore., band Houndstooth as a duo doing a subtle take on country rock before adding more members to fill out the band’s sound. Their well-received debut full-length, Ride Out the Dark (stream it below), arrived in 2013. “Houndstooth is a band worth exploring, especially for fans of rock that occupies the mellower end of the spectrum without slopping over into Eagles-style lite rock lameness,” according to PopMatters. “There’s been a lot of good music out of Portland in the past few years. Here’s some more.” Houndstooth (above, performing “No News from Home”) returned earlier this year with their follow-up LP, No News from Home (stream it below), which, per AllMusic, doubles down “on the fuzzed-out, Americana-laced dream pop of their 2013 debut, offering up an evocative ten-track set that skillfully pairs the confectionary with the cerebral.” They’re getting ready to head across the Atlantic to tour Europe, but you can catch Houndstooth tomorrow night at Rough Trade NYC. Modern Merchant and Bird Dog open the show.