Swervedriver Bring New Music to The Bowery Ballroom Saturday

September 3rd, 2015

Adam Franklin (vocals and guitar) and Jimmy Hartridge (guitar) have been members of Swervedriver since the band’s inception 25 years ago in Oxford, England. They announced their arrival with a series of EP releases before their acclaimed debut full-length, the driving-centric Raise (stream it below), came out in 1991, mashing together shoegazing rock and traditional pop. The band would go through several lineup changes and release three more studio albums and several additional EPs before calling it quits seven years later. Swervedriver (above, doing “Last Rites” live in studio fro KEXP FM) reunited in 2008 at Coachella and went on to do several short tours across Europe and the U.S. But this year, the band—Franklin and Hartridge now joined by Steve George (bass) and Mikey Jones (drums)—released their well-received fifth LP—and first in 17 years—I Wasn’t Born to Lose You (stream it below), which according to AllMusic, “sounds like a thoughtfully drawn continuation of Swervedriver’s particular breed of carefully crafted dream pop. Their drive to push forward is refreshing, and the slight updates to the band’s intricate signature sound results in an exciting comeback album and a statement that stands on its own regardless of its place in time.” And in the very near future, you can see them on Saturday night at The Bowery Ballroom. Dearly Beloved and Overlake open the show.