Nick Diamonds Plays Rough Trade NYC and Mercury Lounge

September 14th, 2015

As the frontman for four Canadian bands, Nick Diamonds—who grew up in British Columbia as Nicholas Thorburn—has dabbled in psychedelic pop, rock and even hip-hop, each genre distinguished by his vocals. Diamonds (above, doing “I Was Born a Unicorn” for Noisey) went out on his own with his debut solo LP, the free I Am an Attic (stream it below), out in 2011, impressing MTV Hive in the process: “When you’re young it’s easy to be weird just for weird’s sake—and this could certainly be the case for his early days. But the songs on I Am an Attic feel like a guy who’s grown up, and who’s not trying too hard with complex arrangements and goofy instruments. And so we find some new depth to the Diamond.” He returned with his follow-up solo effort, City of Quartz (stream it below), this past spring. It “strikes a balance between somber and sunny,” per the A.V. Club. “In capturing Diamonds’ lingering malaise and a regained sense of carefree abandon, the album melds the sophisticated melancholy compositions of his recent career with whimsical experimentation.” Now touring the East Coast, Diamonds plays Rough Trade NYC tomorrow night and Mercury Lounge on Wednesday night.