Duran Duran Deliver the Hits at Terminal 5

September 15th, 2015

Duran Duran – Terminal 5 – September 14, 2015

Duran Duran – Terminal 5 – September 14, 2015
Duran Duran had just finished “Paper Gods,” the title track off their new record and the first song last night at Terminal 5, when a stocky man with a comically thick New Jersey accent turned to his friend at the back of the first floor and said, “They sound good!” He was right. When the band played “Notorious,” one of their many signature hits, it would have been easy to mistake the performance for a shakingly loud playing of the actual
record—except for the times when lead singer Simon Le Bon pointed the microphone outward as he urged the room packed with fans to sing along with him, that is. Le Bon’s stage presence grew more magnetic as he heated up, literally. The singer began the set in a sequined sport coat that reflected back the moody blue and purple lights bathing the venue, but by the time Duran Duran got to the steamy ballad “Come Undone,” the coat was gone, and so were the top buttons of the shirt beneath it.

“I love that there are some of you who weren’t but a twinkle in someone’s eye when these songs came out,” he joked about halfway through the set. And he was right. But age didn’t matter as the set went on and Duran Duran played more of their hits. The adoring crowd shrieked along on big songs like “Rio,” as anyone would, but they literally shook the room during numbers like “The Reflex,” which was Duran Duran’s earliest chart topper. Late in the set, Le Bon took a breather from his frontman duties to reflected on the group’s hits and their lasting power, which has allowed Duran Duran to keep producing albums that continue to sell across the world while working with artists like Nile Rodgers and Janelle Monae. “Sometimes you just gotta recognize how lucky you are,” he said.
—Sean O’Kane | @Sokane1

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