Algiers Are Worth a Look and a Listen Friday at Mercury Lounge

September 16th, 2015

In proclaiming them a band to watch, perhaps Stereogum describes the Atlanta trio Algiers best: “Listening to Algiers is like cramming a Marxist treatise in one ear and a church organ in the other. Their music is a heady, vicious condemnation of bankrupt culture, ghosted gospel punk that snarls at the status quo.” Franklin James Fisher, Ryan Mahan and Lee Tesche put out a self-titled debut album (stream it below) earlier this year filled with “a loud, gravelly blend of punk and gospel traditions that shaped them growing up.” They’re getting things off their mind and into listeners’ ears—and they’re using a winning mix of post-punk, gospel, soul and hardcore to do it. And perhaps AllMusic describes Algiers’ album best: “This is a stunning debut.” Algiers (above, performing “But She Was Not Flying” live in studio for KEXP FM) are now out on the road in support of their new tunes, and you can see them at the early show at Mercury Lounge on Friday night.