Cœur de Pirate Entertains in English and French at Music Hall

October 23rd, 2015

Cœur de Pirate – Music Hall of Williamsburg – October 22, 2015

Born in Quebec, Béatrice Martin, better known by her stage name Cœur de Pirate, sings largely in French. And her classical training on piano serves as the backbone to her compositions. Although simple, Cœur de Pirate’s delicate vocals are a beautiful soundtrack for a lazy afternoon. After signing in the summer with Cherrytree and Interscope, her latest album, Roses, offers more English songs paired with her usual French reveries. Martin resembles a young Brigitte Bardot sans gap in her teeth.

The Québécois sat behind a piano at Music Hall of Williamsburg last night moving largely through her latest release. In a black tent dress that fully displayed her tattoo sleeves, Cœur de Pirate began with “Oceans Brawl” and “Undone.” She mentioned it would be a bilingual show with songs in French and jokes in English with no guarantees that the latter would be funny. Breezily drifting from English to French, the chanteuse described “Saint-Laurent” as a song about waiting at a bar for a Tinder date, only cuter because it was in French.

As her band received a mini-break, Martin played solo on fan favorite “Francis” and a slowed-down, sad cover of fellow Canadian Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” When not on piano, Cœur de Pirate’s arms and hands gesticulated as if casting a spell on the audience. In a sweet moment, Martin explained that “The Way Back Home” was written for her daughter to combat some woeful goodbyes when she would have to depart for a tour. The charming songwriter encored with a pair including “Comme des Enfants,” which she revealed was taught in schools along with classics like “Frère Jacques,” and the first single off her latest release, “Carry On.” Merci beaucoup, Cœur de Pirate.
—Sharlene Chiu