Joanna Gruesome Play Rough Trade NYC on Friday Night

October 28th, 2015

The way some bands form is more interesting than others. To wit: The members of Welsh fuzzy noise-pop band Joanna Gruesome (above, doing “Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers” for BreakThru Radio) first came together at an anger-management group, which isn’t the most common of origin stories. There’s since been some turnover at the vocalist position, but the lineup is now set with Kate Stonestreet (vocals), Roxy Brennan (vocals), Owen Williams (vocals and guitar), George Nicholls (guitar), Max Warren (bass) and Dave Sandford (drums). Their debut full-length, Weird Sister (stream it below), came out two years ago, impressing Pitchfork: “The well-past-promising Weird Sister—a deeply passionate, impossibly noisy twee record—just feels like the sort of thing you spend months and years with, not days and weeks, poring over every little detail, memorizing each scrappy hook. That might just be the weirdest thing about Weird Sister: You think it’s going for your throat, then it gets you right in the chest.” Their second LP, the equally rambunctious Peanut Butter (stream it below), arrived this past June. According to Paste magazine, “Peanut Butter is an accomplished, confident and mature approach to a type of music indebted to teenage energy, a record that veers between styles of music that are often at odds with one another without ever feeling indecisive or confused.” Now touring America, Joanna Gruesome play Rough Trade NYC on Friday night.