A Silent Film Play The Bowery Ballroom and Rough Trade NYC

October 30th, 2015

Robert Stevenson (vocals, piano and guitar) and Spencer Walker (drums) formed the alternative English band A Silent Film (above, doing “Something to Believe In” for Jam in the Van) 10 years ago in Oxford with three other musicians who have since moved on to other projects. But their arena-ready sound—which has earned them comparisons to the likes of Coldplay and Travis—remains. Stevenson and Walker have been busy this year, first putting out the EP New Year (stream it below) in April and returning with their third full-length, a self-titled affair (stream it below), two weeks ago, which AXS calls “a bright glimmer of power, a brilliantly crafted, edgy, in-your-face gold mine of pop.” Out on the road in support of their new music, A Silent Film play The Bowery Ballroom on Sunday and Rough Trade NYC next Friday. Charlotte, N.C., duo Flagship open both shows.